The Learning Place

This is the place where Children, Family and Community all come together. Here is the place where the kindergarten you come to every day and where the online learning channel for you to learn at home.

孩子家庭和社區聚首一堂. 這裡是你每天到來的幼稚園學校. 這裡也是你在家上網學習的地方.

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Performance and ShowPerformance/Photo Show 表演/主題相片

Watch and enjoy your children's performance and thematic photos taken when they are at school. 觀看欣賞你子女在學校時的表演和他們的主題相片。

Progress PortfolioProgress Portfolio 成長檔案

Progress Portfolio is each child's portfolio of growth and progress in the three years of kindergarten with us. 成長檔案是每位小朋友在三年幼稚園的成長與進步.

Ready PortfolioI Am Ready Portfolio 畢業檔案

Children say "I am ready!" after 3 years of kindergarten at their graduation. The Ready Portfolio documents their first success! 幼兒學童完成三年幼稚園後畢業時能夠說出"我準備好!",而他們的畢業檔案就正正地儲存著他們的第一次成功!

Lesson ClassesTeacher's Lesson 老師的教學課程

When children don't come to school for classes, they attend their classes for teacher's lesson online. 當學童不能到校上堂時,他們都可以在網上接受老師的教學課程.

Worksheet LessonWorksheet Lesson 工作紙課程

To learn from teachers' teaching how to work on the worksheets. 老師教我們從做工作紙上學習。

ABC WordsWords from A to Z 學學英文字A 到 Z

Have a little fun with a little simple words. 與小小英文字玩耍

NumbersNumbers from 1 to 30 數數數字一至三十

Count 123, count to 30. 數123數到30

MeFamily and Me 我和我的家

Let children learn about themselves and their families. What they do, how they feel and who are in the family. 讓學童認識自己和家.認識可以做甚麼,有甚麼感覺,誰是家人

StoriesStory Reading Together 齊齊看故事圖書

Let children and parents read together, enjoy that joyful family time! 讓孩子和父母一起閱讀看圖書圖書

MannersManners 禮貌

Children learn about the basic of manners. 讓學童認識基本禮貌

PlaceholderOnline School 網上學校

Walk, run, hop, jump, online school, go, go, go!

PlaceholderThe New Learning Place 新學校

Welcome to the new learning place!